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SIG: Providers of “Medical Level of Care” MUST be privileged

There is a release on Joint Commission extranet site that states that providers who provide “medical level of care” MUST be privileged. This is a very interesting statement, but the question arises as to what “medical level of care” really is. This is SIG’s definition:

As noted in the posting a medical level of care “involves making medical diagnosis and medical treatment decisions”.

This is in line with the principle that providers of “care, treatment and services” must be privileged. It implies independent practice.

Do NOT forget that physicians who order medications in outpatient settings, such as an infusion center are making medical treatment decisions, even if the patients are outpatients.  Recently CMS has stated that it does not require privileging for outpatient care (medication administration, rehabilitation, etc) but the hospital must have a policy approved by the Governing body that states what the requirement must be for physicians who are going to be placing such orders.