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One of the questions ask for the NPDB test is:  “A surgeon’s competence is being reviewed and a proctor has been assigned to review cases for 90 days.  Each case requires the proctor.  Is this reportable to the NPDB.”

The answer was : YES

This implies the FPPE “for cause” is an investigation of privileges.  If the physician were to resigned during this “investigation”, it would be reportable.


Comments on: "Reporting FPPE for cause to the NPDB" (6)

  1. How does this apply if the medical staff by laws do not consider an FPPE to be an investigation?

    • The FPPE for “CAUSE” is an investigation even if the bylaws do not define it as such. What else would it be. There must be an
      investigation when the competency of the physician is in question. I suppose a focused review for a Citizenship issue (like medical records)
      could be exempted, but an FPPE for “cause” for any clinical quality issue would definitely be an investigation, if for nothing else than to
      determine that the physician was the reason for the event.

      • I see it as quite possible that an FPPE is a threat of an investigation, and not clearly an investigation in fact. If FPPEs are being triggered by automatic statistical analysis of “questionable” quality issues (such as minor disagreements with nurses or patient complaints) that are in number to meet a pre-determined threshold, it is quite possible we are conducting “investigations” on physicians that are really just challenging nursing staff to work harder, smarter or whom are maintaining standards in respect to not handing out narcotics like candy…..seems like the system is ripe for “sham peer review” and career damaging effects to physicians who are actually protecting patient safety and quality.

  2. Does reporting depend on how the hospital defines an FPPE? If there is no proctoring required and no restrictions on a provider’s priviledges, can someone state definitively if a physician desires to leave the hospital, is this reportable?

    • Generally a focused review for CAUSE happens because there is “cause.” It is irrelevant if privileges are actually affected. The privileges changes will generally be made AFTER the FPPE for cause is completed. Therefore the FPPE for cause is the “investigation.” If a physician leaves to avoid completion of the FPPE, then it is reportable,

      • With recent changes to OPPE, hospitals have set up automatic triggers based on statistics. As a result we are “investigating” physicians who trigger these benchmarks without any reasonable review of the issues. It seems like we are now using an FPPE for too many purposes. It seems more likely that an FPPE could be misused and cause a issue for an otherwise innocent physician. Furthermore, it is unclear to me if the meer fact that an FPPE was conoducted would then need to be self reported when apply for credentials at any other hospitals.

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