News and Views for Healthcare Accreditation Professionals

There is an age old dilemma about who qualifies to be privileged by the medical staff.  Traditionally it had been those to provide a “medical level of care”.  In the most recent release of the Condition of Participation the following is noted:

§482.12(a)(1) Determine, in accordance with State law, which categories of practitioners are eligible candidates for appointment to the medical staff;

Physician assistant;
Nurse practitioner;
Clinical nurse specialist (Section 1861(aa)(5) of the Act) (master level);
Certified registered nurse anesthetist (Section 1861(bb)(2) of the Act);
Certified nurse midwife (Section 1861(gg)(2) of the Act);
Clinical social worker (Section 1861(hh)(1) of the Act;
Clinical psychologist (42 CFR 410.71for purposes of Section 1861(ii) of theAct)
Registered dietician or nutrition professional
So the rest are a “NO GO” and organizations must apply the Human Resources standards to others such as: rounding RNs, all other RNs, surgical technicians, surgical assistants, perfusionists.

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